frequently asked questions

Similar to a personal credit score, a high business credit score will demonstrate to your lender that you will make repayments on time, which will help you get qualified quicker and easier.

Our services include business development origination, virtual assistant services,  business credit profile building, digital product creation, and business funding assistance.

We offer a variety of plans. We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Square payments.

Money that is provided to the business by lenders and shareholders. In the process of raising funds for capital, businesses acquire debt in the form of bonds and equity, usually in the form of stocks.

Sudden Success will discuss the best options for lending with you based on your particular business model. Although we are a guide, we do encourage due diligence in all financial decisions to ensure it is a true fit for your specific needs and circumstances. Before deciding on a lender, be sure to check things such as:

-Better Business Bureau rating

-Find out how flexible the lender is 

-Do background research on the company

-Compare lenders

-Identify the types of loans the lender offers

EIN stands for employer identification number, or federal tax identification number. This nine digit number is assigned by the Internal Revenue Service and used to identify business entities in the United States

It’s important to know a sole proprietorship is not an independent business entity. It is a business activity operated under the name and personal responsibility of the owner, therefore, any business loan will be processed under your own name and affects your personal credit history. The loan decision will be made based on your personal creditworthiness, not the creditworthiness of the business, and you may be required to pledge personal assets as collateral.

A personal guarantee is a promise or guarantee made by a person or an organization to accept responsibility for another party’s debt if the debtor fails to pay it.

Naturally, it depends on the state of your business, however,  in general the earliest is about 3 months. 

Due to the nature of our products, after the contract is signed you have 3 days to cancel for a full refund. For any digital products you purchase, there is no refund since the products are given instantaneously.